Tuesday, 10 June 2014

MGA Visual Media Production has decided to get excited about the small nations who compete in international football competitions. They have heart, so they can dream; they are not losers because it’s the game that matters!

Nowhere is that rich character more evident than in the absolute passion shown by The Republic of San Marino.  As a small nation, despite a lack of resources and having to perform in a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario each time they enter an international competition, they still endure. They have a special place and a value, more importantly they remind us just why the game started in the first place.

We are fascinated by this small republic’s character and attitudes, for they have endured to give this small country a unique place in European and World History.

This fascination has led us to look more closely at the Sammarinese passion for football and we will be following their dream.

A century ago and just about anywhere in the world, football was a boy’s delight and their dream to play. It embodied the heart and soul of small town or a city’s pivotal sporting and social event, was given loyalty, played with courage and provided lifelong highs and lows and such sweet memories.  The heroes were not well paid and often on the losing side, but small as well as large teams continued to persevere and with the will and determination of the people they could do so.

Let us remind ourselves that the passion to play football and wear the badge of a local or national team, no matter how small and how steep the climb to achieve even the smallest success, is fundamentally what soccer was always about and the essence of why it became such a representative sport for people locally and nationally in the first place.  It is heart and soul, history in the making at every level of the game and that is footballs legacy... There are no losers.

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